Reds’ Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel appeal for reinstatement

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Ken Rosenthal and C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic report that Reds second baseman Mike Moustakas and outfielder Nick Senzel have filed an appeal asking them to be allowed to return. Each of them have been sidelined after reporting that they did not feel well, but neither had tested positive for COVID-19. They are reported to have continued to pass tests but, as of yet, have not been cleared to play.

Their absence, which has coincided with the Reds dropping three straight games, has began to cause their teammates to bristle. Nick Castellanos, for example, voiced his displeasure at their absence after last night’s loss to the Cubs:

“If you look at our lineup, unfortunately with some of these f***ing protocols, you know, Moose and Senzel both have negative tests, but they are unable to play until Thursday. That’s obviously been a big letdown because both of them are big parts of our lineup.”

Rosenthal and Rosecrans note that players who have reported symptoms but who have not had positive tests are allowed to return after testing negative on three tests, though unlike the case with those who test positive, the negatives for merely symptomatic players can include those quickie saliva tests administered by the team. They must also report the absence of symptoms and be approved by team doctors AND — and this is the sticking point — they must obtain approval from the panel of league and union representatives known as the Joint Committee.

The article suggests that, in the minds of some, the Joint Committee is being overly cautious with the Reds players in light of the Miami Marlins situation. Thus the appeal, which will be heard this morning. One suspects that, after that appeal, Moustakas and Senzel will be reinstated.

All of this shows, however, how interconnected all of this stuff is, both officially and unofficially. And how different it is to come up with a reasonable plan vs. how easy it is to implement it.