Marlins sign Logan Forsythe

Getty Images

When half your roster goes down with an incurable viral infection you gotta get reinforcements, right? The Marlins are doing just that, with Craig Mish reporting that the team has signed Logan Forsythe.

Forsythe, who has played every position except catcher, batted just .227/.325/.353 in 367 plate appearances last year with the Rangers. His flexibility is important, though, because let’s be honest: the Marlins have no idea what their needs will be once they’re allowed to play again. Mostly because they have no idea who will be cleared to play and when.

About that: Barry Jackson reports that he has “been told by sources with direct knowledge that some Marlins with COVID are experiencing mild symptoms – aches, sore throat, runny nose. None believed to be seriously ill.”

While the words “mild” and “none believed to be seriously ill” might be comforting, it’s also the case that a lot of people with COVID are asymptomatic, so on the scale of this particular pandemic, having some symptoms is not the most optimal situation. It’s also the case that mild symptoms can progress, with the worst ones often not appearing until many days after the patient first tests positive.

Which is not to be a pessimist here. It’s simply to state that one cannot, at this point, be an optimist either because it’s too early to say how all of this goes. All one can say is that we hope none of this gets worse and all of the Marlins players who have been infected get well soon.

UPDATE: Welp, another Marlin player goes down: