Another Marlins positive test brings the total to 16 players, two staff

Another Marlins positive
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Ken Rosenthal reports of another Marlins positive test. Yes, another player has tested positive for COVID-19. That brings the total number of players who have tested positive to 16. Two coaches/staff members in the traveling party have also tested positive, making it 18 in all.

As was reported yesterday, the Marlins schedule has been suspended until at least Monday. One wonders, however, if they will even be able to field a competitive team by then. Over at Baseball America this morning, Kyle Glaser wrote about how most observers believe that the Marlins’ top prospects aren’t ready for the majors yet and that there aren’t enough veterans on the 60-man expanded roster that can plausible fill holes at what passes for a major league product. They may, however, be forced up anyway.

Which is to say that, in light of yet another Marlins positive, to the extent the Marlins are able to field a team it may cause serious competitive integrity issues. The sort which Rob Manfred said would specifically guide his decisions with respect to continuing the season in the event of outbreaks. To wit, he said this earlier this month:

I don’t have a firm number of days in mind (to pause the season). I think the way that I think about it is in the vein of competitive integrity, in a 60-game season. If we have a team or two that’s really decimated with a number of people who had the virus and can’t play for any significant period of time, it could have a real impact on the competition and we’d have to think very, very hard about what we’re doing.

We have that exact situation now.