The Buffalo Blue Jays are officially happening

Buffalo Blue Jays
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The Buffalo Blue Jays are . . . go!

That’s the word from the Toronto Blue Jays, who announced a few minutes ago that they have reached an agreement to play the majority of their home games at Sahlen Field, where their Triple-A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons, normally play. In their statement, set forth below, the Jays thank the City of Buffalo and the State of New York, which suggests that, unlike their plans for Toronto and Pittsburgh, they now actually have governmental sign off.

Why a “majority” of home games will happen in Buffalo as opposed to all 30 is unclear, but the Jays tweeted that an updated schedule will soon be released. I can’t help but think some home games may be turned into road games in the interest of reducing travel, but we’ll know the specifics soon enough. UPDATE: The Jays’ first scheduled home series versus the Nationals – July 29-30 – will take place in Washington, to accommodate infrastructure modifications at Sahlen Field.

Earlier suggestions that the team could play in Buffalo were dismissed by Major League Baseball sources who cited that the lighting at Sahlen Field — and at every other minor league stadium — was not up to major league standards. Ken Rosenthal tweeted a few minutes ago that the Jays are working on that. Presumably by getting temporary crane-based lighting, the sorts of which you sometimes see at college football games in stadiums that weren’t built with night games in mind.

However the details pan out, we now have a “new” major league baseball team: the Buffalo Blue Jays