MLB COVID-19 testing reveals six new positives for the week

MLB COVID-19 testing
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MLB COVID-19 testing results have been released for the past week. The upshot:

  • The league conducted 10,548 tests in the past week;
  • Six of these 10,548 samples —  0.05% — were new positives;
  • Five of the 6 positives were players and one was a staff member.
  • Those six bring the total number of positive tests up to 93 including intake testing, 80 who are players, 13 who are staff. Twenty-three total positives have been identified in monitoring testing;
  • Twenty-eight teams have had at least one positive test overall, thirteen teams have had positives in monitoring testing.

The MLB COVID-19 testing protocol does not reveal the names of those who test positive, but some players have allowed teams to identify them nonetheless. Tampa Bay All-Star outfielder Austin Meadows was placed on the injured list Thursday night after testing positive. The other four players aren’t known.

With most teams beginning play a week from today, next week’s MLB COVID-19 testing results will be the last ones which reflect testing during Summer Camp. Two weeks from today testing will reflect actual regular season games which involve players traveling.