A-Rod will not call Mets games for ESPN

A-Rod Mets ESPN
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A-Rod, the Mets, and ESPN are not a great combination, at least not for now. ESPN has announced that Alex Rodriguez will not be calling Mets games this season.

A-Rod, Jennifer Lopez, and a group of other investors are currently bidding to purchase the Mets, creating an obvious conflict of interest. ESPN, wisely, has decided that it would be inappropriate for him to comment on the team’s games. I mean, think about it: how critical would you expect him to be of the team whose current owners could help dictate the rest of his professional life?

The Mets are scheduled for the first weekend of Sunday Night Baseball games when they face off against the Braves on July 26. The network has decided to move A-Rod off that game, replacing him with Chipper Jones. Rodriguez will, instead, cover the Giants-Dodgers game also scheduled for that evening.

The A-Rod Mets ESPN conflict may not be his biggest issue right now, though. Last night, you may have seen, A-Rod made headlines when he was quoted as saying that the players and the owners should “split the economics evenly,” which in sports business circles is a synonym for the implementation of a salary cap.

While such a sentiment may ingratiate A-Rod with MLB owners, it’s not the sort of thing that will go over well with players, who have spent decades fighting against a cap. Players whom, as a part of his broadcasting job, he’s supposed to talk to in the leadup to games in order to better do his job. At least one former player thinks that’s gonna be a super difficult task now:

So, in addition to rival bidders like Steve Cohen, and 76ers/Devils owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer, and a rumored fourth unidentified bidder, A-Rod is likely at odds with a large swath of players and is creating headaches for his employer.

Gee, it’s almost like it’s the mid-2000s all over again!