David Ross, five other Cubs miss morning workouts due to delayed COVID-19 tests

Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs just announced that manager David Ross and five other “Tier 1 individuals” missed the club’s morning workouts due to delayed COVID-19 tests. “Tier 1 individuals” refers to players, coaches, or staff who are tested every 48 hours.

The tests, the team said, are from Saturday. Results are supposed to be turned around in 24 hours, so that means these tests are a day late or close to it. This has become a common occurrence around Major League Baseball in the week and a half or so since teams returned to training. As we learned last night, the testing lags are causing some teams to turn to independent labs for COVID-19 testing.

Meanwhile, it was reported this morning that the country is gripped with delays in COVID-19 testing, rendering many of the tests effectively useless in terms of allowing people to isolate if they are known to have the virus.

So this is all going well.