Giants resume workouts after getting July 4 COVID-19 tests back

delayed COVID-19 tests
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The San Francisco Giants will resume summer camp workouts on today at Oracle Park after receiving their COVID-19 test results from July 4. They suspended workouts yesterday due to testing delays.

According to MLB’s 2020 operations manual — that 113-page document with the health and safety protocols — players and staff are supposed to be tested every other day, with the goal of “ensuring expedited reporting (approximately 24 hours) at all times.” Which means that, OK, the July 4 testing is back, but what about the July 6 testing that was supposed to be back yesterday? If they’re just now getting July 4 tests, aren’t the July 6 tests a day overdue now too?

It would be useful, right about now, for Major League Baseball to explain how, in light of the rules requiring 24 hour turn around on testing, a team can take the field with its most recent test results being 96 hours old and its most recent test samples being provided being 48 hours old. Especially given that, in all likelihood, more than just the Giants are affected by this.