Field of Dreams Game: Cardinals may replace the Yankees

Field of Dreams Game
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Last year Major League Baseball announced the first ever “Field of Dreams” game, which was to be played on August 13 of this year, with the Yankees facing off against the White Sox. The game would be played in Iowa in a new park which is being built adjacent to the famous cornfield-behind-the-outfield park/tourist attraction from the movie.

The circumstances of the 2020 season are such that almost anything special, be it the All-Star Game or the London Series, has already been canceled, but Major League Baseball has not officially cancelled the Field of Dreams Game.

They may, in fact, still play it. Just with a different team replacing the Yankees:

The Cardinals, of course, are far closer and would be more appropriate given the travel restrictions which have been put in place for the 2020 season.

If they manage to pull it off there will likely be no fans there, so that whole “people will come and pay $20 a person” stuff is still out the window, but since they’re building it, a couple of baseball teams may still come.