Twins will not allow two of their coaches in the dugout this year

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One of the primary topics of conversation about baseball in the era of COVID-19 has been about the dangers presented to older coaches, trainers and team staff. The first decision impacting some of those has been made, with the Twins deciding that two of their coaches will not be allowed in the dugout this season.

LaVelle Neal of the Star-Tribune reports that bullpen coach Bob McClure, 68, and coach Bill Evers, 66, will not be allowed to work games. Minor league pitching coordinator Pete Maki will take over as bullpen coach. Evers’ replacement will be named soon. Both McClure and Evers will continue to be paid and will likely serve in some sort of advisory capacity.

In making the decision, the Twins cited McClure and Evers’ age and health histories, though they did not specify what particular risk factors beyond age factors. There are several managers and coaches over 60 years-old in Major League Baseball, obviously. Some over 70. Obviously many have adverse medical histories.

Figure that more teams will follow the Twins’ lead here.