Teams announce 60-man ‘summer camp’ rosters

Cody Bellinger
Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Teams began to announce their 60-man “summer camp” rosters — also known as the “player pool” — on Sunday. Not every team made an announcement today and not every team filled its roster out completely. The Indians, for example, listed 55 players, 40 of which will train at Progressive Field in Cleveland. The other 15 will train at the Indians’ alternate site in Lake County. The club can add an additional five players to the roster at any time.

If you’re fiending for some baseball news, the table below contains links to the publicly-available rosters for each team.

American League
East Central West
Yankees Twins Astros
Rays Indians Athletics
Red Sox White Sox Rangers
Blue Jays Royals Angels
Orioles Tigers Mariners
National League
East Central West
Braves Cardinals Dodgers
Nationals Brewers Diamondbacks
Mets Cubs Giants
Phillies Reds Rockies
Marlins Pirates Padres

The 60-man roster will be pared down to 28 once the regular season is 14 days old. The roster will further shrink to 26 players after 29 days. Each team will be permitted to use a three-player “taxi squad” on the road, which helps teams with flexibility in the event a player suffers injury or illness.