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The details of how the 2020 baseball season will be played are intense

Last night’s official word that the 2020 baseball season is on came as welcome news to baseball fans. But, as the details of the season trickled out, it became abundantly clear that this season is going to be a very different beast than anything professional sports has seen in the past, and not just because there won’t be fans in the stands.

Here, as far as we’ve been able to gather thus far, are all of the rules, wrinkles, challenges, and oddities baseball will be facing in this short, strange trip of a season upon which we’re about to embark. The information comes from official MLB and MLBPA press releases, sources familiar with the agreed-upon procedures, and reports from Ken Rosenthal, Evan Drellich, and Jayson Stark of The Athletic and from Ronald Blum of the Associated Press.



Rule Changes






Personal habits, physical contact


COVID-19 Testing


Players, family members at high-risk for/due to COVID-19




That’s a lot to take in. If you find it all daunting, imagine how it’ll be for the teams and players.