Phillies player who tested positive never failed a temp check

Getty Images

A big part of the massive set of rules, procedures, and quirks about the 2020 season which were reported last night and into this morning is a bit about how COVID-19 testing will work. A big part of that are temperature checks. Specifically, players will have their temperatures checked at least twice per day. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees can’t enter a ball park. The temperature check is important because that can be done far more often than full-blown COVID tests which will be done every other day.

The problem, of course, is that not everyone who has COVID will have a temperature. Indeed, a large percentage of people who carry the virus are asymptomatic yet can still spread it to others who may fall ill.

In related news, Marc Carig and Matt Gelb of The Athletic report that one of the Phillies players who recently tested positive for COVID-19 never failed a temperature check despite undergoing them frequently at Phillies camp in Clearwater:

After one person reported mild symptoms last week, the Phillies tested 48 players and staff at their Florida complex, and 11 were COVID-19 positive. One of the COVID-19 positive tests, according to two sources, came from a person who never failed the temperature checks.

“As far as I can tell, all the guidelines MLB set were met within the complex,” one Phillies player said on condition of anonymity. “I was there every day until it was shut down, and I tested negative. So it’s hard to say exactly how it spread.”

Do not expect this to be an isolated incident.