Baseball odds for 2020
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Baseball odds for 2020: Dodgers, Yankees, betting favorites


If you’re like me, your first impulse upon hearing that we were going to have (a) a 60-game season in which; (b) teams only play other teams in their own geographical areas; (c) play a full-size postseason; and (d) do all of that amidst some radical rules changes, roster expansions, and health and safety protocols, was to say “that’s chaos, my friend!”

Well, maybe. After looking at the matter yesterday, I found that, over the past 25 years, close to 70% of eventual playoff teams were in playoff position through 60 games. What’s more, over the last five years, there was never a season in which more than three of the ten playoff teams were out of playoff position after 60 games. It’s not a 162 marathon, but there are pretty good odds that the teams we assumed, back in March, to be the best teams in 2020 will still be the ones most likely to succeed in 2020.

The oddsmakers tend to agree. Here are the latest baseball odds for 2020, per DraftKings:

Odds to win World Series

Dodgers: +375
Yankees +400
Astros + 650
Braves +1300
Twins +1600
Rays +1800
Nationals +1800
Phillies +2000
Cardinals +2000
Cubs +2200
Indians +2200
Mets +2200
Reds +2500
Athletics +2500
Red Sox +3000
White Sox +3000
Brewers +3000
Angels +3300
Diamondbacks +4000
Padres +4000
Rangers +8000
Pirates +10000
Blue Jays +10000
Rockies +15000
Giants +25000
Royals +50000
Mariners +50000
Orioles +75000
Tigers +75000
Marlins +75000

And for the fun of it, here are their odds to win the pennant:

National League

Dodgers +170
Braves +600
Nationals +750
Mets +900
Cardinals +900
Cubs +1100
Phillies +1100
Reds +1500
Brewers +2000
Padres +2200
Diamondbacks +3000
Rockies +7000
Pirates +10000
Giants +12500
Marlins +35000

American League

Yankees +175
Astros +350
Twins +800
Rays +800
Indians +1100
Red Sox +1300
Athletics +1300
White Sox +1500
Angels +1500
Rangers +1500
Blue Jays +5000
Royals +25000
Mariner +25000
Orioles +35000
Tigers +35000

Happy wagering with these baseball odds for 2020.

Michael Kopech has opted out of the 2020 season

Kopech has opted out
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Michael Kopech has opted out of the 2020 season. The White Sox starter informed the team of his decision today, and the team issued a press release to that affect a few minutes ago.

The statement from general manager Rick Hahn. said “we recognize that reaching this decision is incredibly difficult for any competitive athlete, and our organization is understanding and supportive. We will work with Michael to assure his development continues throughout 2020, and we look forward to welcoming him back into our clubhouse for the 2021 season.”

Kopech, 24, has only four big league starts under his belt, all coming in late August and early September of 2018, but after a strong spring training he was likely to make Chicago’s rotation at some point in the 2020 season after sitting out all of 2019 following Tommy John surgery. Kopech was among the players sent to Chicago from the Red Sox in the Chris Sale trade back in December 2016. Others involved in the deal included Yoán Moncada, Victor Diaz, and Luis Alexander Basabe.

Now, however, Kopech has opted out.