MLBPA makes a counteroffer for 70 games, owners reportedly ‘livid’

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The Major League Baseball Players Association has sent a counteroffer to Major League Baseball for a season of around 70 games. This comes on the heels of reports yesterday that Rob Manfred offered the players a 60 game season. The big move though is that Manfred, it seems, has finally agreed that any deal would involve prorated pay. Which turns this all into a haggling session over games as opposed to a fundamental difference in approach.

Here’s Tony Clark’s statement on the offer:

And here’s how it’s, reportedly, being received by the owners:

So there’s that.

My view: Being OK with 60 games but being “livid” about 70 games says absolutely nothing about the relative quality of the proposals but a whole hell of a lot about your contempt for the idea of compromise or respectful engagement with the other side.