MLBPA donates $1 million to help minor leaguers

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The Major League Baseball Players Trust — the charitable arm of the Major League Baseball Players Association — just announced that they have put up $1 million to aid minor leaguers.

Cardinals reliever Andrew Miller, who serves as a trustee for the Players Trust, released this statement:

“Major League Baseball Players are proud to support our fellow players in minor league baseball. These players have found themselves hit hard as a result of the pandemic and are unable to play the game we all love. The game is also their livelihood and there is no doubt the financial impact has been challenging. We hope to help them navigate these difficult times.”

Tony Clark said this:

“Like most Major Leaguers, I came up through the minor leagues and understand the challenges that exist. Players recognize their collective responsibility to leave the game better than they found it so that the next generation is empowered to do the same for the players who will follow them. Within the baseball community, minor leaguers have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic and many of them will lose a season they will never get back. We will continue to seek ways to support them.”

$1 million may not seem like a ton given that thousands of minor league players have been idled, but given that the Players Trust usually distributes about $1.5 million in grants or via the implementation of various programs, this is a pretty big commitment relatively speaking.