Rob Manfred: ‘We’re going to play baseball in 2020’

Rob Manfred 60 game season
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Appearing on MLB Network ahead of the 2020 draft, commissioner Rob Manfred addressed a wide range of topics. Among them was the likelihood of the league holding a 2020 season. Manfred said, “We’re going to play baseball in 2020, 100% .” He noted that concerns over safety protocols have almost completely been addressed.

Manfred said that while the MLB Players Association’s recent proposal of an 89-game season isn’t realistic, the league will soon make a proposal in the players’ direction. However, he wants the players to “get off the 100% salary demand.” Manfred doesn’t want the 2020 season to extend into November because of a second wave of the coronavirus, as well as TV partners being promised postseason baseball in October.

Manfred also discussed the reasoning behind the league’s late statement on the death of George Floyd and the ensuing nationwide protests. He said, “I was responsible for the timing and it was because I was listening.”

Overall, Manfred didn’t say anything we didn’t expect or know already. We’ll have to see exactly how far “in the players’ direction” the owners will come on a 2020 season proposal.