Man who broke into Miller Park wanted to carve his name into the grass with tractor tires

Getty Images

A week ago news came down that an intruder had broken into Miller Park in Milwaukee. According to the reports, the man in question caused “minor damage” to the playing field. Today we learn what the “minor damage” is.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, who identifies Keyon A. Lambert, 40, of Milwaukee, as the alleged perpetrator:

The criminal complaint describes how Lambert entered the stadium on June 2 after finding an unlocked door and wandering to the playing field with grounds crew present. He told police he decided to commandeer the tractor because he had never driven one before and wanted to carve his name into the grass with the tires.

The tractor didn’t move fast enough for that to happen, but Lambert nevertheless drove across the field while raising and lowering the front bucket, damaging the pitcher’s mound and digging holes elsewhere on the field, according to the complaint.

According to the story, Lambert knew he was being filmed by Miller Park ground crew members while they waited for authorities to arrive, “so he decided to show off.” Oh, and when he was trying to write his name on the field, he was trying to do it in cursive.
Which: points for style, Mr. Lambert.