Report: MLB proposes a “sliding scale” salary structure, abandons revenue sharing idea

Rob Manfred 60 game season
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Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that Major League Baseball’s proposal to the players union includes a “sliding scale of compensation.” Under the plan the players making the most money will take the biggest pay cuts while those earning the least will receive most of their guaranteed salaries. The proposal does not include the 50-50 revenue split which owners agreed upon earlier this month never formally proposed.

Take all of this with at least a grain of salt, though, given that (a) almost all leaks to the press of this stuff have been from Major League Baseball in an effort to put its position in a best light; and (b) almost all leaks have only included part of the overall plan. There likely is more to this and, as always, the devil is in the details.

Whatever is sent to MLBPA today is just a proposal. For there to be baseball in 2020 the two sides will have to come to an agreement on the money, the logistics of the season and the anti-COVID-19 safety protocols, all of which will be tough nuts to crack.