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MLB partners with its PED testing lab for COVID-19 testing


Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated is reporting that Major League Baseball is partnering with the Utah lab that runs its performance-enhancing drug program for coronavirus testing.

The lab, The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory, recently participated in the COVID-19 antibody study in which Major League Baseball and its employees played a large role. The lab has also been tapped for COVID-19 testing by the California State Athletic Commission  and the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which are the two bodies that regulate the most high-profile boxing and mixed martial arts events in the country.

Verducci characterizes their participation like this:

In partnership with MLB, the Utah lab, The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory, not only would provide coronavirus testing for the 3,000 or so baseball players and support staff but also for thousands more in the general public. Under that plan, MLB would provide a net gain to public testing rather than drawing from existing resources.

The question I have, though, is they’re regularly testing 3,000+ MLB people, and the boxing and mixed martial arts people, and any other sports which come to them for COVID testing, is that not taking potential tests away from the public?

Or is it the case that that this testing capacity at this lab did not exist or was not available to the public until MLB decided to come pay for some? In which case, is this not a situation in which, in order to serve their paying customer — MLB — they’re spinning off some tests to the public too?

Either way, I’m struggling to understand why Major League Baseball, a paying customer or not, has what appears to be priority access to fast-turnaround COVID-19 testing when there is still a shortage of COVID-19 testing in a country in the midst of a pandemic.


Phillies COVID testing reports no new positives

Phillies COVID testing
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Phillies COVID testing results revealed no new positives for the fourth straight day, the team announced this morning. As a result, they will resume their schedule tonight against the Yankees.

It’ll be the first game for the Phillies since last Sunday’s game against the Marlins. The Miami outbreak prompted the Phillies’ season to be shut down, but the lack of positive tests beyond team staff that had more direct contact with the visiting Marlins is an encouraging sign. The Phillies COVID testing strongly suggests that cross-team infection from on-the-field activity is not a significant problem. This could bode well for, say, the Brewers, who have been idled a few days due to the outbreak emerging on their would-be opponents this past weekend, the St. Louis Cardinals.

All of this, of course, puts the Phillies well behind their usual schedule. They’ve played just three games and have had minimal baseball activity in the past eight days. Whether that shows up in the performances of Jake Arrieta and Aaron Nola, tonight and tomorrow night’s starters, respectively, will be worth watching.

All in all, though, the Phillies COVID testing results are good news. And folks, we could use some good news right now.

UPDATE: The Marlins are negative too: