MLB to allow teams to refund fans for tickets to lost games

Getty Images

Last week we wrote about a lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball and its 30 clubs arising out of their keeping ticket money for 2020 games despite the fact that those games are not going to be played. The justification in MLB’s mind was that these games were considered postponed, not canceled, thereby allowing teams to hold on to that cash. They were presumably planning to offer credit for tickets in 2021 in exchange.

Today, likely realizing that more lawsuits, fan displeasure, and, possibly, political pressure will come their way if they maintain that stance, Major League Baseball said that it is allowing teams to offer refunds to fans for games not played. It’ll be optional, with each team being allowed to set its own policy.

As noted this morning, baseball is optimistic that games will be played this year, but there is absolutely no plan in place. Practically speaking these games will be cancelled, not postponed, even if they play some portion of the season in neutral locations.