Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke’s ‘interim’ tag is removed

Getty Images

I missed this yesterday, probably because I was reeling from how underwhelmed I was by the “discipline” visited upon the Boston Red Sox for stealing signs, but the Red Sox are removing the “interim” tag from manager Ron Roenicke’s title.

Roenicke’s interim status was mostly because it was unclear if he would be implicated in Boston’s cheating scandal by virtue of him being a team’s coach, but since apparently no one, save an allegedly rogue employee, was implicated at all, he’s as safe as houses. At least until 2021 when Alex Cora is eligible again and could theoretically take his old job back.

Will it happen? Eh, I’d say it’s less than a 50/50 chance, but then again, I figured it’d be less than a 50/50 chance that no one besides some video replay tech would be punished too. Or that, as a team, the Red Sox would be penalized less for cheating than the other 29 teams are for, say, signing a free agent who had been given a qualifying offer.

We live in extraordinary times is what I’m saying.