David Wells, Curt Schilling snipe at each other on Twitter

Getty Images

We have no baseball games but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have any baseball action. It just happens to be (a) between two guys who haven’t thrown a pitch since 2007; and (b) it’s basically just name-calling on Twitter.

The first shot was fired by David Wells, who was asked who “was a MLB player from your era that was generally disliked by most other players?”

Wells’ answer, which I’ve screen-capped in case he decided to delete it later, gave an answer that may not be terribly shocking based on about a million things I’ve read or heard:

Curt Schilling was hipped to what his 2005-06 Boston Red Sox teammate said and responded. I am screen-capping his response because he blocks me and I thus can’t copy links to his tweets:

I love that Schilling’s ostensible complaint is that Wells didn’t tag him in his response. As if Schilling made a point to call, like, Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren or whoever back when he had a media platform and tried to get clout by saying increasingly obnoxious things about them. Schilling is, actually, pissed off at Wells because he has a super fragile ego and he’s masking his hurt feelings via an appeal to some misguided point of internet decorum. He could just ignore it, but that’s just not his style.

Anyway, we’ll update this if someone else who hasn’t played a game since 2007 goes after a contemporary. Like if, say, Jeff Conine tears into Mike Lieberthal or something.