Hank Steinbrenner dies

Hank Steinbrenner dies
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The New York Post reports that Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner has died. He was 63. The Daily News is also reporting Steinbrenner’s death.

Hank was the older brother of Yankees principal owner and control person Hal Steinbrenner, and the oldest son of George Steinbrenner. He had two sisters, Jessica and Jennifer, who also hold ownership interests in the Yankees. Hank Steinbrenner died after what the Post refers to as a “long illness,” which was not COVID-19-related, according to the Steinbrenner family.

As George Steinbrenner’s health began to fail in the late 2000s he ceded day-to-day responsibility fo the club to his sons, with Hank emerging as the face of the Yankees ownership group. After a series of controversial statements and after his becoming something of a tabloid figure, echoing his father, Hank stepped back from his public role and Hal assumed primary control of the baseball team.

Hank Steinbrenner is survived by his siblings and by his four children. Among them is his son, George Michael Steinbrenner IV, who is the owner of IndyCar team Steinbrenner Racing.