Baseball Question of the Day: Who’s the best-lookin’ ballplayer of all time

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The man who brought you Baseball’s Most Handsome Managers once again swims to the shallowest of depths and asks you to objectify the men of the National Pastime. He asks: who is the best-lookin’ baseball player of all time.

It’s subjective, obviously. And given how people tend to favor recency in such matters due to more familiar fashion/hairstyles/etc, it will probably skew more recent, but I ask you to do what you can to think outside the temporal box, utilize Google to the best of your ability, and look back at baseball history a bit if you can.

I mean, George Pipgras, who won 24 games for the 1928 Yankees (on the right) was a pretty handsome fella himself:

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C’mon, folks: you’re bored and you’ve been shut in your houses for a long time. Let your imagination go.