Baseball Question of the Day: What in baseball do you simply not care about?

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One of the things sports fans like to do is argue.

“Shlabotnik should be in the Hall of Fame!”

“Not before McGillicuddy!”

Or maybe it’s the DH. Or a rules change. Or whether someone deserves to be suspended X number of games or Y number of games over a given transgression. They there are simple rivalry things and all of the trappings of fandom which cause people to get their blood up.

But what’s something a lot of people care about in baseball, even passionately, that . . . simply does not interest you at all?

I’m not talking about unpopular opinions here. We already covered that. I’m talking about a thing that doesn’t move you one way or another. A thing, when other people begin to argue about it, you simply cannot be made to care?

For me it’s the strike zone. I, obviously, care when an ump has an egregiously bad zone, but I can’t seem to bring myself to get too worked up about run-of-the-mill bad calls on a pitch-by-pitch basis while watching a game. I’m just not the kind of fan who is gong to yell at the TV or tweet “MY GOD, where was that?!” There are a couple hundred pitches a game and 162 games in a season and just can’t let myself get too hung up things like that. It evens out. And even if it doesn’t, we’ll all survive.

How about you?