Taiwanese team to put robot mannequins dressed up as fans in the stands

Getty Images

There is a baseball league in Taiwan and one of the teams in that league is called the Rakuten Monkeys.

Normally just noting that there was a baseball team called the “Monkeys” would be enough to justify a post on this website. I’d be all like, “haha, ‘Monkeys’ is a killer name for a baseball team, why don’t we have a team called the Monkeys and, for that matter, why are there no ‘Gorillas’ or anything like that? That would be so cool” and then I’d attach a photo, hit “publish” and then get off my couch and pet a cat or something until I thought of something else to write about.

But this is even better. Not only is there a Taiwanese baseball team called the “Monkeys,” but they’re gonna use robots when their fan-free baseball season resumes:

They should do this in the Arizona Bubble League. Or in season 4 of “Westworld.” Whichever happens first.