Baseball Question of the Day: What do you think of the Arizona Bubble League idea?


To date all of these have been fun hypothetical baseball ideas from out of left field. This one is a bit more tied to the news.

This morning I wrote about the report that Major League Baseball is at least thinking about how to play something approaching a baseball season with all teams decamping to Arizona for something I’ve decided to call The Arizona Bubble League. I didn’t much care for that idea. Neither did some players. This, so far, is my favorite line about it from anyone:

That’s literary. That’s some Cormac McCarty stuff there, friendo.

Anyway, MLB backed off of the specifics of last night’s report in a statement later in the day, casting this as more of a “hey, there are no bad ideas in a brainstorming session,” kind of thing. And, fine, that’s fair. As I said on Twitter after that report came out: I think starting play in May via a complicated quarantine system is madness, but talking about how, eventually, baseball can come back is fair game. Just gotta be sensible about it, and the report from overnight did not reflect good sense.

But what is good sense? What do you think baseball’s eventual return should look like? Would you prefer a truncated season? A season with as many games as possible? Something akin to that double-elimination or round-robin tournament I floated last month?  Something else entirely?

I wanna hear your views on it. Be creative, at least within the bounds of realism. Think about what might work for the players and the teams and their families in all of this, not just the fact that you want baseball on your TV set yesterday.

Him me up.