MLBPA approves cash payments to non-roster invitees with service time

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An MLBPA sub-committee today approved payments to major leaguers who have at least 1 day of previous MLB service time, but who were non-roster invitees to spring training when play was suspended. The program, entitled the MLBPA Financial Assistance Program, fills a gap for those players who have past dues-paying union experience but who were not covered by the $170 million payment Major League Baseball is making to cover rostered players for April and May since they were, by definition, not on rosters.

Those covered will receive a payment of $5,000 for 0-1 year of service time, $7,500 for 1-2 years, $15,000 for 2-3 years, $25,000 for  3-6 years, and $50,000 for 6+ years of service time. Players can refuse to accept a payment if they choose. Which may happen, as some NRI players are veterans who have made a good bit of money in the past. Players who do want the payment can apply with the union. This program does not set aside the payment program which pays minor leaguers $400 a week through the end of May and, really, does not apply to most minor leaguers anyway.