The London Series is officially canceled

Getty Images

This is not surprising but, as of today, it is now official: The London Series scheduled for June 13-14 between the Cubs and Cardinals has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s not even clear that regular season games will be played in the United States as early as mid-June and, even if we are back and running then, we’ll likely be a on a compressed schedule that would make two teams taking several days out of their normal routine unworkable. And all of that is before one even begins to consider that the timeline for the pandemic may be very different in the UK than it is in the Untied States and that, regardless of all of that, it’ll probably be best for international travel to remain as limited as possible for everyone well into the latter part of this year.

No word yet on what may happen in 2021, but Major League Baseball was quite pleased with how last year’s series in London between the Yankees and Red Sox went down, so I suspect they’ll try to resume things in London next season.