Dodgers games to be available to a lot more cable subscribers soon

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In 2013 the Los Angeles Dodgers entered into a multi-billion TV deal with Time Warner to broadcast Dodgers games on what would eventually be known as SportsNet LA. Awesome!

The only problem: Time Warner — eventually Spectrum — required so much in rights fees from other cable carriers to make up for the billions it promised the Dodgers that the other carriers didn’t want to pay for the channel. The result: for the past six seasons a major chunk of the Dodgers’ fan base has been unable to see their team on TV, even if they wanted to. And, of course, since MLB blacks out local markets on, those fans can’t stream the games. Not awesome!

But now, some awesomeness is in the process of being restored:

That puts the channel on AT&T TV, DirectTV, U-verse TV, and AT&T TV NOW, which are all under the AT&T umbrella. It represents a very big uptick in availability for Dodgers games going forward.

At least once there are Dodgers games. Which there will be eventually.