There will be 29-man rosters when baseball returns

2021 MLB schedule
Getty Images

One of the odder parts of the general agreement between MLB and the MLBPA governing the truncated 2020 baseball season was revealed earlier this afternoon: rosters are expected to expand to 29 players for the first month of the season once games begin. Rosters will go back to 26 players after the first month of the season or so, Bob Nightengale of USA Today says.

This makes sense given that (a) even with a mini, second sprint training ramp-up, pitchers are going to be out of their normal routine; and (b) the schedule, however it shakes out, is likely to be compacted in order to fit in as many games as possible. There will be doubleheaders and fewer days off and things. Managers are going to want more arms.

What kind of baseball we’ll see with these sorts of expanded rosters and all the other attendant weirdness is an open question.