Baseball Question of the Day: What’s the coolest thing you have ever seen at a ballpark?

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Today’s baseball question requires an in-person experience: what’s the coolest thing you have ever seen at a ballpark?

Most of us have seen historic moments or a thrilling deciding game of a playoff series on TV, but we’re all far more limited in the neat stuff we’ve seen first-hand.

Which means it might lead to weird answers. For example, I’ve never seen a no-hitter in person, but I have seen a drunk guy take his shirt off and start singing the National Anthem . . . in the fourth inning. Folks, Tiger Stadium was LIT in the 1980s.

But no, that’s not my answer. My answer is either that Greg Maddux game that helped me avoid a midlife crisis which I wrote about recently or, more traditionally, watching the Madison Bumgarner Game. Yeah, that Madison Bumgarner Game: Game 7 of the 2014 World Series in which he came back on two days rest following a complete game shutout and blanked the Royals for five more scoreless innings of relief, preserving a one-run lead and helping the Giants win the Series. It was some serious goosebumps stuff.

OK, maybe that was a cheat because I was only able to be there because I had a press pass. Maybe we don’t count it. You can argue about that but not until after you’ve told me the coolest thing you’ve ever seen at a ballpark.