ESPN will run a Home Run Derby marathon on ‘Opening Day’

Getty Images

Opening Day was supposed to be this Thursday. That’s obviously not happening. But even if there will be no games, ESPN will broadcast something that is, at the very least, baseball-adjacent: a Home Run Derby marathon.

It’ll start at 6PM Eastern time and run until 2AM. Which is, more or less, the block during which evening games happen from coast-to-coast. The marathon will show the 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015 Home Run Derby events, in that order. I’m not sure why they’re not showing the 2016 version, but maybe it’s because the crowd at the 2015 Derby — in Cincinnati — was on fire as Todd Frazier kept hitting longballs. I was in that crowd and it was a hoot.

Anyway, it’s not baseball games, but it’s something.