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Joe Buck is doing play-by-play of people in quarantine


Vin Scully isn’t the only baseball announcer helping people get through this national nightmare. Joe Buck is doing his part too.

Buck — who has a fantastic sense of humor, actually, which comes through loud and clear in his Twitter feed and when he’s being candid — had someone tweet at him last night that they could not wait to hear his voice again. One presumes the person tweeting that meant that he wanted baseball or football back soon, but Buck took it at face value and had a pretty dang good idea about it:

As an example, he did one from his own home:

People have started sending them videos of stuff from their house. The one I and a lot of my weird, Twitter-addicted baseball friends want to see, however, is not a video. We want to see him put voice to this famous tweet that surfaces every October when a playoff game goes past midnight and everyone wants to go to bed and/or die:

You kinda had to be there to really get the full impact of it, but if you’re a late night postseason baseball watcher you can feel that tweet in your bones.

Anyway, here’s hoping he does some good ones.

Mattingly: Marlins sidelined by virus are ‘feeling great’

Marlins COVID-19 tests
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BUFFALO, N.Y. — Maimi Marlins players sidelined by COVID-19 are all asymptomatic, and some have applied for reinstatement, according to manager Don Mattingly.

The Marlins placed 17 players on the injured list last week following an outbreak in Philadelphia that forced seven games to be postponed. The infected players returned to Miami to be quarantined, and will likely need rehab workouts before rejoining the team.

“They feeling great,” Mattingly said. “They all feel like they’re ready to go. There are a lot of guys who have applied for reinstatement. How long that takes, I’m not sure. But they feel like they’re ready to at least get back and start doing something.”

Players on the COVID-19 injury list must be cleared by the MLB joint committee before returning.

Mattingly made his comments before the Marlins’ game against the Blue Jays in Buffalo, where they concluded a season-opening trip that turned into a 23-day marathon because of scheduling changes necessitated by the outbreak.

The team plays at Marlins Park for the first time this season Friday against Atlanta.