Baseball Question of the Day: What’s your favorite ballpark?

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People liked Friday’s Baseball Question of the Day, so let’s keep that feature going until we get tired of it.

Today’s Baseball Question of the Day: What’s your favorite ballpark? Difficulty: it has to be a park that is not the park of your favorite team. My favorite park is Petco Park in San Diego.

For one thing it’s just gorgeous. Not just the view, which a lot of people talk about, but the park itself. There’s a lot of greenery inside the place — on concourses, above escalators and things — and there are waterfalls and pretty finishes and surfaces.

It’s a very clean park, too. They take very good care of it. It’s sixteen years old now, but I was just walking around it this past December during the Winter Meetings and it’s still like new.

The food and beer are the best in the majors, in my opinion. It’s easy to get to no matter where in the city you’re staying. If you’re there you’re, by definition, visiting San Diego and that’s the best place in America as far as I’m concerned.

How about you? Extra weight given to answers which go beyond “it looks pretty on TV” or whatever. I mean, I know the view from the press box or behind home plate at PNC Park in Pittsburgh is great — people love that skyline — but why do you like it beyond just that? I’m curious as to what makes for a great ballpark experience for you beyond just the game being played in front of you.

Hit me with your ballpark takes. I wanna know.