MLB temporarily prohibits scouting activity

David Banks/Getty Images

Earlier today, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported that Major League Baseball has temporarily prohibited all scouting activity, both domestic and international. That means no tryouts, no amateur games, no showcases, no workouts, no in-home or in-person visits, and no remote scouting.

Along with the many other changes MLB has made amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, temporarily halting all scouting activity is the right call. Not doing so would incentivize teams to put their scouts and other employees, as well as the people they would interact with, at risk unnecessarily. This directive makes it so no team can get a leg up on the others.

As we mentioned yesterday, there is the possibility that the 2020 amateur draft is cancelled, though some have called the idea “farfetched.” The suspension of scouting activity means, at the very least, that teams will have less information to go off of if and when the draft happens.