Major League Baseball officially calls off games in Mexico, Puerto Rico

Getty Images

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Major League Baseball officially canceled series scheduled for this season in Mexico City and San Juan, Puerto Rico, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The San Diego Padres had been scheduled to play the Arizona Diamondbacks on April 18-19 in Mexico City, and the New York Mets were supposed to play the Miami Marlins on April 28-30 in San Juan. The games will be rescheduled for the home teams’ sites in Arizona and Miami, MLB said. Whenever we have any idea of what the schedule might look like, of course.

The Mexico City series would have been the first time MLB had played a regular-season game there. There have been several regular season games played in Monterrey.

That leaves this summer’s London Series, between the Cubs and Cardinals on the calendar. It strikes me as unlikely to the point of impossible that that will be played either, but MLB has yet to pull the plug on it, no doubt due to it falling a couple of months later on the schedule.

Thoughts, Ozzie Guillen?