Justin Verlander has groin surgery

Getty Images

The Houston Astros announced this afternoon that ace Justin Verlander underwent surgery on his groin. His recovery timeline: six weeks. Which, hey, if you have to miss six weeks, now is the time to do it, right?

Verlander had a couple of different health problems this spring, dealing with that groin early on and then dealing with a hurt lat muscle, each causing him to push back or miss starts. It’s not hard to imagine that the lat injury was compensating for the sore groin. Either way, he’s on the shelf now, as is everyone else, with a lot more time to recover from this without missing games than he otherwise would’ve had.

Indeed, he may not have undergone surgery at all if not for the indefinite suspension of the season. The team’s statement said he had been dealing with the groin via rehab, but that he suffered a setback. If the season was nine days away from getting underway as planned, one wonders if they might not have gone back for some more rehab before pulling the trigger.