Dodgers become the latest club to continue to pay stipends to minor leaguers

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Baseball America reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the latest club to agree to continue to pay spring training meal/board stipends during the coronavirus shutdown.

Minor leaguers are not paid during spring training but they do receive meal money, a stipend and access to team facilities. Non 40-man roster players, however, have been sent home pursuant to Major League Baseball’s recommendation on Sunday. They have been told by their teams, however, to remain in playing shape as best as possible and to be prepared to return to camp on short notice once the crisis has subsided. In light of that, finding work is difficult, as potential employers will know they will have to quit on a moment’s notice. In the past few days an increasing number of minor leaguers have taken to social media to voice their frustrations about their plight.

The Tampa Bay Rays have announced that they will continue to pay minor leaguers the $400 a week per diem they normally receive during camp. The Dodgers plan, presumably, is similar. Baseball America reports that at least two other clubs have done so as well. BA says that Major League Baseball and individual clubs plan to address concerns over minor league pay in the near future.

In related news, last night Bill wrote about a former minor league catcher who has begun a drive to donate gift cards to help players eat. It’s tough out there for the bush leaguers, folks.