Tom Hanks reminds us that ‘there’s no crying in baseball’

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Folks, you’ve probably figured out by now that the usual flow of news is going to be different around here for a while. I know you’ll miss your “[Outfielder] has a strained oblique” and “[Pitcher] to get opening day start for [Team]” updates, but we all have to make do in these trying times. I’ll probably post some oldies-but-goodies and will probably do some retro “And That Happens” soon enough. We’ll all get through this, together, writing and reading random content.

In the meantime, allow me to make one of the longer reaches for baseball-related content I have made in some time by posting this update from Tom Hanks who, you likely heard, has been diagnosed with coronavirus. As has his wife, Rita Wilson. They were diagnosed quickly with a readily available test, by the way, because they’re down in Australia where — I am told — they do not value “consumer choice in competitive healthcare” or however we’re characterizinng our system here these days.

Hanks, it seems, is doing OK. And he went with probably the most famous baseball movie quote of all time in doing so. Take it away, Jimmy Dugan:

And, the original:

Yeah, I know, I know. This isn’t really baseball. Well, zip it, Doris.