MLS suspends season, NHL expected to follow suit

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UPDATE: The Big Ten basketball tournament has been cancelleld. The ACC tournament will soon be cancelled as well. And now the SEC. I presume every basketball tournament will follow suit.

Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated is reporting that Major League Soccer is suspending its season immediately until further notice due to coronavirus concerns.

Emily Kaplan of ESPN is reporting that the NHL has advised all teams not to conduct morning skates, practices or team meetings today. It is expected that they, too, will suspend their season shortly. Given how much overlap there is between NBA and NHL arenas, it only makes since given what is going on in the NBA right now. Speaking of which:

This speaks to the possibility of a much wider outbreak in the NBA than first suspected. And speaks to just how poorly athletes have been briefed on sanitation and safety in light of the outbreak. Or how little they listened if they were briefed. Speaking of which, here was Rays pitcher Blake Snell yesterday:

“I think the media kind of hypes up the coronavirus. If they want to look out for our health, that’s cool. But I’m not too worried about it. If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t. Either way it was meant to be.”

Which is exactly the wrong approach to this. It’s dangerously ignorant. Is that because Snell is uniquely ignorant about all of this or because the Rays and/or Major League Baseball has not communicated the risks to players?

Suspend spring training and delay the regular season now, Rob Manfred.