Donovan Mitchell’s father works for the Mets, is being tested for COVID-19

Getty Images

It was revealed this morning that Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell had tested positive for the coronavirus. What has happened with Mitchell and the Jazz was, in many ways, a huge catalyst for multiple sports cancellations that went down today, including the cancellation of spring training and the postponement of the regular season.

It didn’t take long for Mitchell’s situation to more directly touch baseball, however: Donovan Mitchell Sr. — the Jazz star’s father — is the Mets’ director of player relations and community engagement. The Jazz played in New York eight days ago and Mitchell Sr. was in attendance. The official statement on all of this from the Mets, via the New York Post:

“We have been in regular communication with medical professionals and public health authorities over the past several weeks. When news surfaced of the situation involving the Utah Jazz, we immediately contacted Donovan Mitchell Sr. to advise him to not report at our facility this morning. Upon learning today that his son, Donovan Mitchell Jr., tested positive for the Coronavirus, we brought that fact to the attention of our medical team, who recommended, as a precautionary measure, that Donovan Sr. be tested, and we are making those arrangements. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and the medical staff will advise us if any additional testing becomes advisable.”

The world is smaller than you think. The professional sports world is smaller than that. Between NBA and NHL teams sharing arenas, to fathers, sons, brothers and family members all being a part of professional sports, to athletes just being friends with one another, the lines between sports blur.