A-Rod: instant TikTok legend

Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez was a guy who, when he played, never seemed to be all that comfortable in his own skin. On the field he was one of the best ever, but off the field he seemed unsure of himself. Like someone constantly trying on different personas. Someone who seemed overly concerned with what people thought of him and what image he was projecting.

A lot has changed with A-Rod over the past 5-6 years. After being humbled by the Biogenesis scandal, he began to emerge as someone who was a lot more laid back. Still weird in a way that, I suspect, he will always be a bit weird, but certainly more comfortable and at times even relatable. Maybe age and experience has something to do with it. Maybe his relationship with Jennifer Lopez — someone more famous than he is who, one suspects, has pushed A-Rod just be himself to the extent he can be — has helped. I dunno. You’d have to ask them.

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