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Clevelander pool and club at Marlins Park closes


When Marlins Park in Miami opened, the most talked about feature of the park was the big home run sculpture thing behind the outfield wall. When Miami’s new Derek Jeter-faced ownership group took over, they made a point of getting rid of that.

The second most talked about feature of Marlins Park when it opened was the Clevelander nightclub and the swimming pool behind the left field wall where fans could drink and/or swim during ballgames. The Clevelander, for those who do not know, is a famous South Beach hotel and nightspot and its presence at Marlins Park was aimed at classing up the joint and extending the Miami Beach branding to baseball.

The Miami Herald reports, however, that it is no more. The Marlins and The Clevelander have mutually agreed to discontinue The Clevelander At Marlins Park, the paper says, with both organizations being said to have “new priorities.” The official statement from Marlins chief revenue officer Adam Jones:

“We are appreciative of The Clevelander’s partnership at Marlins Park through the ballpark’s first eight years. We are excited about the future use and potential of the field-level space as a fan destination within Marlins Park for a wide variety of audiences.”

Fans will still be able to go over there to the non-Clevelander-themed bar, but the pool is going to be gone. The team didn’t give a specific reason, but one wonders how much a place like the Clevelander liked having its brand associated with a venue that was half empty most of the time.

Nationals’ Strasburg ejected for arguing from the stands

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NEW YORK — A pitcher getting ejected for arguing balls and strikes – on his day off? And, from the stands?

Nationals star Stephen Strasburg earned one of baseball’s most unique ejections – probably ever – in the third inning of Washington’s game against the New York Mets on Thursday.

Strasburg was sitting in Section 121 at Citi Field in this socially distant season because he’s scheduled to start Friday against Baltimore Orioles. He was apparently unhappy with the strike zone of plate umpire Carlos Torres after Austin Voth‘s 2-2 pitch to Pete Alonso on the outside corner was ruled a ball.

Moments later, Torres ejected last year’s World Series MVP, though it took a few seconds to realize who had been tossed.

Someone was heard yelling: “You’re (expletive) brutal” shortly before television cameras captured Strasburg doffing his cap as he walked up the staircase on his way out of the park.

“Sorry, folks – sorry, FCC,” Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen said on SNY.

The usually stoic Strasburg appeared to be grinning underneath his blue mask as he made his exit.