You really need to see Yapson Gomez’s windup

Getty Images

Yapson Gomez is a 26-year-old pitcher in the Giants system who, to date, has not pitched above Double-A. He has pitched well at times, but his strikeout rates aren’t particularly high for a reliever in this era. Originally a Cubs signee out of Venezuela, they gave up on him and, after last year, so too did the Indians. That’s how he ended up with the Giants.

Given that pedigree it’s hard to imagine that he’ll have a particularly lengthy major league career, if indeed, he makes it to the bigs. But if you watch his windup it’ll be hard to ever forget him, even if he falls short of the show.

Check this business out:

Given that the Giants don’t, to say the least, seem poised for strong contention in 2020, one hopes that Gomez gets a chance to bring that kinetic glory to a big league mound at some point soon.