Theo Epstein on the Cubs-Cardinals London Series: ‘As of now it’s on’

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Just about everything involving (a) travel; and (b) big crowds massing together is being looked at anew in light of coronavirus concerns. We’ve talked about Japanese baseball’s moves in response to the outbreak. Major League Baseball has set up a task force already, with certain international being flagged as something to be careful with. Outside of baseball everything from the world’s biggest fitness expo to the release of the new James Bond movie is being impacted.

What about baseball’s biggest international event of the year? What about the second London Series, this year featuring the Cubs and Cardinals?

The Chicago Tribune spoke to Cubs president Theo Epstein about that today, citing rumors that the series could be postponed:

“As of now it’s on,” Epstein said. “If they tell us not to go, I’m sure it will be a decision they make regretfully but with information that that’s the right course of action. I’m not spending a lot of time (on it). I’m not an expert. It’s important for us to rely on experts and be really transparent.

You have to figure that if anything falls by the wayside this MLB season it’ll be that, but we’re obviously at a point in time where it’s hard to do anything with confidence given the lack of clarity as to the scope of the outbreak.