A grand jury has convened to examine the death of Tyler Skaggs

Getty Images

It has been months since we heard anything new about law enforcement’s investigation into the death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. Last we heard, in October, federal agents were in the process of interviewing current and former Angels players who may have information about Skaggs’ drug use and death and that simultaneous investigations into Skaggs’ death were being undertaken by United States Attorneys in both Texas and California.

A lot of that all seemed to get lost in a news-heavy offseason, but last night the Los Angeles Times reported that things have progressed:

A Texas grand jury has been hearing evidence that could form the basis for criminal charges related to the death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, two people familiar with the matter told the Los Angeles Times.

That’s a pretty big step forward. Not all grand jury investigations lead to indictments, but prosecutors tend not to convene them unless they at least believe they have a good shot at an indictment.

At the moment it’s not known who or what, specifically, is being looked at, but Texas is where Skaggs died, obviously, so one might assume that it involves who supplied the drugs to Skaggs that killed him. It has been revealed that Skaggs was a user of Oxycontin, but his autopsy revealed Fentanyl as well, leading some to suspect that he had been given adulterated drugs. Eric Kay, the Angels’ director of communications at the time of Skaggs’ death, told agents he illegally obtained oxycodone and have some to Skaggs several days before the team left California for Texas, but it is unclear if Skaggs took those drugs at the time or held on to them before the Angels left on the road trip. The Times reports that Kay is cooperating with authorities.

There will, no doubt, be more to come on this.