Keith Law: Rays have best farm system in baseball

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Last week we linked Keith Law’s top-100 prospects in baseball. As he has done for many, many years, he has paired that up with his rankings of the top farm systems in baseball overall. That dropped this morning. The top system in the game belongs to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Maybe that’s not surprising given that the top prospect in the game is Rays’ shortstop Wander Franco. But the system’s depth extends beyond just the crown jewel in the franchise. Law notes the Rays’ “substantial pitching depth” and says they have “done well in stocking the system with middle-infield prospects.” It’s a good thing too, given the team’s decision to not spend a lot on major league payroll. Law says that low payroll should be well supplemented for a good while, though, as the farm system is good enough at the moment to keep them competitive for several years to come.

At the bottom of the list: the Milwaukee Brewers. Law notes that, in addition to trading prospects for big league talent — which is defensible when you’re on a win-now footing — the Brewers have not drafted well in recent years which is hard to survive when you’re trading away those prospects.

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