Angels pitcher Griffin Canning has UCL damage

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Yesterday we wrote about how Angels pitcher Griffin Canning, was sent off for an MRI on his elbow. Now we know what that found and it wasn’t good: he has “chronic changes to the UCL as well as acute joint irritation.” Which is better than a torn UCL, obviously, but it’s not great.

The plan: more tests, more rest, more observation, and more assessment. It’s possible that rest and rehab works in the end, but obviously Tommy John surgery looms in the shadows here.

Which would be a big blow to the Angels, who were counting on Canning, 23, to bolster their historically weak rotation in 2020. Indeed, the day before his MRI Joe Maddon said Canning was, “going to be very significant for us this year and for years to come.”

Now it’s all on hold indefinitely.